Subaru WRX STI Down a Bobsled Run in an Insane Stunt

on March 18, 2017

Subaru Turned It's Rally Car Into A Bobsleigh!

Just when you thought you've seen everything, Subaru of America decided to go to the Swiss Alps to show a 113-year-old bobsled track that it is indeed wide enough for a Subaru WRX STI. Of course the car was no ordinary STI. For this job, Prodrive had to modify the hell out of 2015's Isle of Man record car, using tires that are now banned from WRC, as well as a lot of extra bracing, since pinballing between thick ice walls wasn't gonna be a walk in the park.


Mark Higgins, the man who has been a stunt driver since Ben "The Stig" Collins first gave him a call some ten years ago. Mark has worked on the two latest Bond movies, Fast & Furious 6 and even on BBC's Sherlock. What's more, he is also the four-wheeled lap record holder around the Isle of Man TT Course, and race tracks don't get much hairier than that. Yet no asphalt action can prepare somebody for a 98 foot long bend made of ice, which ends in a vertical drop to the left side. Bobsleds can make the turn, while four-doored Subarus might not.