Redbull Car Park Drift 2017 | Lebanon

in Drift
on August 10, 2017

20 drifters, 20 performances, all trying to clinch the title!

Drifters will be fiercely battling to win the “2017 Lebanese King of Drift” title and represent Lebanon at the finals in Kuwait.

Below are the names of the best Lebanese drifters getting ready for battle:

- Kifah Hilal

- Bilal Daboussi

- Mashaal Kawkab

- Fouad Mexacy

- David Abou Jaoude

- Mohamad Baalbaki

- Fadi Bou Chahein

- Abed Kahwaji

- Oliver Kik

- Moustafa Kamal

- Sary Zahalan

- Carlos Awad

- Xavier Massaad

- Roni Deraoui

- Jalal Deaibes

- Ahmad Karaki

- Elie Hcheime

- Mike Daghfal

- Roni Asmar

- Haitham Koumeira

This event is overseen by a jury of Experts in the Automotive and Motorsports’ fields: Jean-Pierre Nasrallah - Lebanese Rally Champion, Moustafa Fakhry - Automotive TV presenter, Elie Ghanem - Director of the Drift Committee at the Automobile Touring Club of Lebanon ATCL, in addition to Ahmad Dahham - Red Bull drifter.

Points will be granted based on the drifting skills, the roar of the engine, the shape and design of the cars, the entry/exit of the narrow box, in addition to the tire smoke and finally the interaction of the present audience with each driver.

This event is in collaboration with the Municipality of Kfardebian, Mzaar Ski Resort, Falken, Shop&Ship and PS4.

This event is open to public with no entry fees.