Rolls-Royce has made a cocktail hamper

on December 13, 2015

Rolls knows how to do opulence. This is undisputed.


Yet it’s nice to have it reinforced every once in a while, and how better to do that than a wood and leather cocktail hamper?

Or, to be more specific, an American Walnut Wood and Natural Grain Leather cocktail hamper? One which takes eight weeks to make?

“On opening, an automatic integrated light illuminates the Hamper in a warm glow, in turn reflecting from the mirrored surfaces to evoke the aesthetic of a luxurious cocktail bar,” says the bumf.

“Should the user wish to present their guests with canapés, two dishes find their place in the lower portion of the Hamper, either side of an ice bucket, whilst discreet drawers hold recipe cards and fine cotton napkins.”

Adding a lemon alcopop to lager, thus creating a Turbo Shandy, constitutes sophisticated cocktailing in the TG office. So we fear Rolls’s efforts are beyond us, particularly as its boozy hamper costs over £26,000. Y’know, like a Golf GTI does…